After Surgery

What Happens After My Surgery?

While in the operating room, you will be transferred to a special bed, then wheeled to the recovery room. There, nurses frequently check your blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate. Medications for pain or nausea may be administered. Since many patients feel slightly disoriented after surgery, your nurse will first assure you that the surgery is completed and that you are safe in the recovery room. You will remain here from 30 minutes to one hour, or until you are ready to be discharged. If you have no nausea, you will be given water, apple juice or carbonated beverages.

How will I feel?
How you feel depends on the complexity of your procedure, how long you were in the operating room, your pain threshold and what type of anesthesia you were given. Each person responds differently to surgery and the effects of anesthesia. It is important to communicate with your nurse and let her know if you need pain medication or have special concerns.

Please Note: A responsible person must drive you home and you must have a responsible person in attendance for the first 24 hours following surgery.


Our facility is Medicare Certified and is licensed by the State of Florida. We are also accredited by AAAHC.


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